Caring for Children with Complex Needs

Caring for Children with Complex Needs

Back in 2014 when the pressure ulcer agenda was gathering momentum across the Midlands, it soon became apparent that despite caring for some of the most vulnerable people, care home staff were often unable to access credible pressure ulcer prevention training, although staff were committed to do their best for their residents.

As a result, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s Tissue Viability team came up with the idea of developing a bespoke training resource for care homes. This would be circulated to all care homes locally to ensure accurate training was available for all, and ‘React to Red’ was born.

As a team we could never have envisaged the tremendous success this resource would achieve. The team have received widespread credit for the resource, which allows all care home staff to receive training within their setting, in a timely manner. It has been subsequently rolled out across other care providers, as the learning is transferable across different care settings.

Following on from this we realised that there needs to be specific pressure ulcer prevention training for parents and carers of children with complex needs and so CCCN began. We have started with KITENS (pressure ulcer prevention) and the hope is that, like ‘React To’, it will develop into a more comprehensive training resource covering numerous topics.

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