Using the CCCN resources


The information provided in these resources was developed by appropriately qualified healthcare professionals and at the time of production the content was accurate. Should practices/procedures change we will try to make sure our resources are updated. If you are aware of any practice changes that are not reflected in these resources we would welcome your input. The creators of all content within these resources hold no responsibility for any misuse or poor practice or poor application of methods discussed. Organisations wanting to share these resources with their staff should check that the practices used are consistent with their local guidelines.



The Caring for Children with Complex Needs (CCCN) resources are protected by copyright and must not be changed, reproduced or distributed without permission. The resources available for download are intended for personal use or sharing among staff within your organisation. Crocodile House retains the creative copyright which includes the CCCN brand. The organisations responsible for providing content for the resources retain the copyright over its use. If you have any queries about the use, distribution or reproduction of the CCCN resources please contact Crocodile House.

If you require large quantities of the printable resources please contact Crocodile House